Pretty, isn't she?

Pretty isn’t she?

On my way to work this morning I had the pleasant surprise of stumbling upon the 2016 Acura NSX. It instantly caught my eye because (a) I’m a car nerd and (b) it was completely blacked out and begging for attention. It was funny because a woman saw the car at the exact moment I did, and she said to her friend: “Wow, that’s a really beautiful car.” You said it sister! Now back off as you’re blocking my view.

Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up thinking that this is an article about a test drive, as there was no test drive to be had. This is because (1) I wasn’t invited to one (2) this wasn’t a press event (3) the Honda/Acura guys were being shooed away by some of the St. Regis staff as the NSX was blocking the entrance to the hotel.

Apparently, even if you’ve got a 150K + exotic in your driveway, the St. Regis isn’t having it as they’ve got other cars to show off — possibly that huge white Tundra in the background.

As I was drooling over the car I noticed some people standing around the car and approached them to ask whose car it was. As I got closer, I recognized some familiar faces. One of which was Jason Widmer, who is currently one of the Large Project Leaders who led the development of the new NSX. There were also members of the public relations team present.

I introduced myself as having worked for one of their agencies in the past, and we had a brief catch up chatting about some of the people I had worked with down at Honda. After chatting some more I realized I had met Jason a while back when we worked on the 2007 MDX launch.

I asked what they were doing with NSX and Jason replied that they heard the sun was out in San Francisco and that’s why they were here. Good answer. The sun coming out in San Francisco is not to be taken lightly, as any San Franciscan knows the fog can roll in at any time and rain on your parade. Or at least make it drizzly.

They asked what I was up to and where I was working now. I sheepishly replied, “Um, I’m working for Audi’s digital agency down the street.” You know, your competitor who is about to launch the fantastic new R8 right about the same time your NSX will launch. They smiled and made a joke about VW’s current diesel emissions snafu, which was all in good humor on their end, but still felt like the equivalent of someone smiling at you then slowing sticking a knife in you while you watch helplessly.

I'll take two please.

I’ll take two please.

Either way, it was a great catch up and an awesome impromptu moment to see the new NSX up close. I’m excited to see a comparison test between the two halo cars as each one represents the epitome of the sweat, blood and tears Acura and Audi have poured into both. I was just about to say something to that effect, when the St. Regis doorman had finally had enough and shooed us away. I was able to snap one last parting shot as they were leaving and bid the black beauty a farewell. Until we meet again, NSX.

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