Cars, obviously! I love cars and love talking about them —which is why it’s not surprising I have this blog, right? More specifically, CARTHOLOGY is about taking a deeper dive into general car topics and theories.

You know, things like: What’s the difference between all-wheel drive systems? Are turbocharged engines really manna from automotive heaven? Most importantly, why should I give a damn about what I’m reading? Things like that.

Ultimately, CARTHOLOGY is about sharing some of the insights I’ve gained from working in the auto industry, while also gaining insights from readers like yourself (because we can all learn something new). Unless, of course, you already know everything, in which case please contact me so you can write the rest of my blog!


I'm like The Stig from Top Gear (if The Stig were Asian and lost 93% of his driving abilities).

I’m like The Stig from Top Gear (if The Stig was Asian and lost 93% of his driving abilities).

I’m just a Texas born, Korean-American guy living in San Francisco. Got that? Cool. Honestly, I’m just a guy who loves cars.

I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with a handful of auto manufacturers including Acura, Audi, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen. I’ve worked as a product analyst, an automotive technical writer, an automotive writer and a creative director.

I’ve tested cars on manufacturer’s test tracks — and despite being Asian — I haven’t crashed any of them. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak directly with the engineers and product planners who’ve worked on some of those cars.

When I’m not driving or writing about cars, you can usually find me binge eating on chocolate and catering to my dogs demanding requests. He’s not easily amused, that one.

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